The North Sea Island Foehr

"Frisian Caribbean"

Miles of white sandy beaches, beautiful green nature and a pleasant, favored, by the Gulf Stream, maritime climate: The North Sea island Foehr is a vacation paradise for people of all ages - in the vernacular, it is affectionately called the "Frisian Caribbean"

The beauty and diverse natural landscape on Foehr are certainly one reason why there are so many loyal vacation guests here. Another reason is the fact that Foehr has. after Freiburg, the most hours of sunshine. In addition, the island impresses with its authentic and friendly people. Whoever comes to Foehr, returns again and again - preferably every year.

The island of Foehr is actually surrounded on all sides by the Wadden Sea. Since 2009, the Wadden Sea, as a World Natural Heritage, is officially under the protection of UNESCO - and with good reason: The Wadden Sea is unique and diverse in the world. Every six hours, low tide and high tide alternate and almost magically change the landscape at that moment.

More than 10,000 animal and plant species live in this unique habitat. Only 250 of them are only found in the Wadden Sea and nowhere else in the world. Sea scorpions and lugworms are just as much to admire as mussels and beach crabs.

In order to offer the highly sensitive ecosystem the best possible protection, in these days some areas in the National Park Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea are closed to visitors. But do not worry: the vast majority of the national park will remain accessible to visitors in the future with unlimited accessibility - a natural phenomenon to touch, marvel and experience! For example, there are trips with small excursion boats and guided mudflat hikes to the seal banks. At up to 100 meters, you can get close to the cute marine mammals, who, by the way, are just as curious about their visitors as they are the other way around.